Alternative to Large Area Manufacturing Cooling

Portable Air Conditioners or Spot Cooling

Portable air conditioners and small spot cooling ducted systems are utilized to provide individual cooling for workers and or equipment. These provide relief for operators at their workstations increasing productivity while saving cost on factory air conditioning.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

These are packaged self-contained units. The supply air is used to cool an area or a worker at their station. The hot condenser air is relieved through a flexible duct to the outside or discharged straight into the space. Humidity condensate is collected in the unit, pumped, or gravity drained.

Spot Cooling for Operator Stations

Spot cooling air conditioners are a ducted system with an indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor condensing unit or chiller. It has several flexible nozzles coming from the main duct to the operator workstations. These blow cool air on the operator providing relief from the hot environment. The air delivered is normally 25 deg. F cooler and drier then the incoming air to the fan coil. The incoming or return air is taken either from inside the space or from the outside. This is determined by which air is cooler and less contaminated.

90 deg F incoming air cooled 25 deg F provides 65 deg F air at the nozzle.

A typical Spot Cooling Air Conditioning System includes the following:

  1. Outdoor chiller or compressor condensing unit
  2. Indoor fan coil air handler
  3. Interconnecting pipe
  4. Pipe Insulation
  5. Insulated sheet metal main supply duct
  6. Multiple insulated flexible duct supply nozzles located at the operator stations
  7. Return and or outside air sheet metal ducts If both return and outside ducts are installed, dampers and controls to switch the incoming air to the coldest temperature of either would be installed.
  8. Unit operating controls