HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance

Problems Associated with Poor Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance


Dirty filters cause low air flow, waste of energy and leads to compressor failure.

Evaporator Coil (Indoor Cooling Coil)

Dirty coils decrease system efficiency, water leaks occur due to improper drainage and is a major cause of compressor failure

Condenser Coil (Outdoor Coil)

Dirty or damaged coils cause excessive compressor operating temperatures and pressures leading to increased utility cost.


A loose or worn pulley causes low air flow, wasting energy. An improperly adjusted belt will lead to premature motor and bearing failure.

Motor & Blower Bearings

A lack of proper lubrication leads to increased energy and utility cost, premature failure, and major service repair cost.

Condensate Drains

Dirty or clogged condensate pans, traps and piping lead to water leaks with associated damage.

System Controls and Electrical

Loose wiring connections, worn or damaged motor starters, contacts and relays all lead to high energy cost and component failure.


Improperly calibrated thermostats can cause increased equipment run time, increasing operating cost and poor indoor comfort quality.