Comparison of electric versus gas fired humidifier energy cost

Electric Steam Humidifier

This system uses electricity to heat the water and create steam. Internal replaceable steam cylinders with an electric grid are used in most of the manufacturers units.

Gas Fired Steam Humidifier

Typically a stainless steel low pressure boiler design using natural gas as its energy source.

Operating Cost Comparison

Utility rates used$0.10/kwh$0.65/therm
Yearly running time2000 hrs2000 hrs
Energy use per hour276 kwh9.52 therm/hr
Yearly Operating Cost$55,200.00$12,376.00

Energy Cost Savings Natural Gas vs Electric $42,824.00

Rates can be changed to reflect your actual average utility cost.

Hours of operation will vary according to your requirements.


Assume the electric steam system cost approximately $35,000.00 to install. The gas fired system is typcially twice the electric and would be $70,000.00.

Payback would be less then a year at the above operating conditions.

The operating and payback analysis is for a system with humidifiers and remote blower packs that are wall mounted.

When you call us with your humidification requirements we can provide an analysis of your systems with payback based on your particular needs.